Cross-X indicator

Cross-X is a trend following indicator that delivered signals to traders on the TradingView platform. It is easy to use, smooth, highly profitable, non repaint and excellent performance. Click here to see the excellent performance of Cross-X indicator.

Cross-X is a trend following trading system

Trend trading (or trend following) is an outstanding way to profit from large moves in the markets without spending a lot of time in front of the computer. Trend traders identify trends and find low risk entry points from which they hold their position until the trend reverses. This style works in all market and can be highly profitable given sufficient diversification, strong risk control and the discipline to stick to the system. Trend trading is usually considered a mid to long-term trading strategy, CrossX is which will identify a trend and send a signal to traders after that traders will ride the trend from start to finish, ignoring day-to-day fluctuations.